Andy, as usual, beat me to a comment about my favorite fundamentalist Catholic Mark Shea’s recent linking of the horrors in Iraqi prisons with the blossoming equality of gays and lesbians in the West. Mark sums everything up — the failure of leadership in Iraq, the spurious reasons for war, the depravity of the guards — by saying those who either initiated, supported or fought the war were driven by some deep desire to spread homosexuality to the ends of the Earth:

As I say, Western sexual depravity is now a faith for which many are willing to kill and die.

I just can’t stop picturing those late night secret meetings at the White House, all dark and shadowy, shafts of light spilling harsh grays across hard visages, with Rummy, Cheney, Powell and the Shrub, nattering on about sending legions to war to the glory of stained sheets, the SPICE network and cool, spunky ciggies wafting an ethereal trail of nicotine and menthol out a slightly cracked Double Hung 1500. Who knew Bush even had homosexual attractions, let alone chained their expression to the explosions of 50mm cannons?

What’s just a little unsettling is the the number of folks who chimed in in support of his facile analogy in the comments. It’s always disturbing to see that there are quite a few fellow travelers joining Mark on his journey to fatuousness, an assemblage of asininity who seem to share a prodigy for Theodosius and a lament for both January 17th and the fraying of telomeres.

I suppose it’s an easy place to live from when you regard the love between people of the same gender as the nexus of all villainy and pain in the world. Makes for easy answers to unrelated questions by intoning a simple phrase, a a quick and convenient response uttered when presented with such evils as being shortchanged at the market, cut off on the freeway, or reminded again and again at how pervasively their minds have been vitiated by prejudice:
“Fucking faggots.”