BENT-CON promotes, encourages, celebrates and appreciates LGBT and LGBT-friendly contributions to comic-book, gaming, scifi, fantasy and horror mediums from artists, writers, creators, publishers, directors, actors, and producers, that create works targeted directly to LGBT audiences or the larger realm of underground and mainstream pop-culture as a whole.
BENT-CON hosts an annual convention that provides a forum for these creative genres in its various forms to present to the public comic art, writing and multi-media not normally accessible or presented through normal commercial channels.

But it’s just easier to think of it like a Comic-Con, only gayer…

BENT-CON is committed to encouraging the vast talent and creativity within a queer and queer-friendly environment for those passionate about sharing their respective talents with YOU — the Fans — New and not-so-new to the work found at this convention.

The annual BENT-CON exposition brings together some of the best and brightest established and new creators (and companies) of LGBT and LGBT-friendly comic-books, gaming, sci-fi/fantasy/horror film-makers, writers, directors and other related creative mediums. In addition to the opportunity for public exposure and potential revenue the con provides to the attending creative talent, the event also allows less established talent to network from among their creative peers, providing unique opportunities for those that are just starting out.

BENT-CON prides itself on maintaining an building relationships and community openly. Celebrating and acknowledging the presence and contributions of the creative works found from LGBT and LGBT-friendly creators. The convention includes:

A public exhibition where artists, writers, creators, publishers, directors, actors, and producers, that create works targeted directly to LGBT audiences and the public interact in an informal setting. Graphic novels, comics, films and related merchandise are for sale and BENT-CON attendees can interact with the attending creators, publishers or film-makers.
A series of symposium held during the festival, where these creators and contributors of an LGBT and LGBT-friendly presence among a shared creative space can engage in formal panel discussions and/or interviews open to BENT-CON attendees.

In 2010, BENT-CON held it’s first event, 500 people gathered together in an unused store-front off of a bar.

In 2011, close to 2000 people visited our bigger, bolder event.

For 2012, we’re in the planning stages for a still better event, with more guests, more panels, more films and more fun. Scheduled for November 30th, December 1st and 2nd here in Los Angeles, CA