tell me titleThe Story:
We make the worlds we live in.

Lost love, denial and desire intersect in the trippy, heady, tale of a lonely writer faced with  the fundamental truth of his life. As events twist and repeat, long dormant feelings surface, passions ignite, and fate is challenged. But can freedom be found or will the tragedies of the pass continue to haunt all involved?

Starring Chase Masters, Beau Puckett  and Brent Corrigan (Sean Paul Lockhart).

Jody’s Comments:

Made a year before IN THE CLOSET, TELL ME was the fifth or sixth short film I made, but the first one I’d ever really finished. Prior to this one, my other efforts — spanning probably ten years — were all valiant attempts but fatally flawed in numerous ways. From bad camera work to poor lighting to inaudible sound, none of my prior efforts ever excited me enough to finish the edit. They were digitally smothered, aborted in the editing room, and the world was a better place for it.

Still, I kept trying and, once I had a chance to focus on just making a film, I was able to pull things together correctly and reasonably well that it was worth finishing the project and sending it out to be seen. It helped that I found great collaborators in Dan Greeney, Steven Lewis and Sean Paul Lockhart. All of whom would go on to help me pull of IN THE CLOSET, a film that finally convinced me to keep at this.

TELL ME itself is fine. A bit overdone, not quite as streamlined as it could be. Chase and Beau did a great job and Sean — then going by Brent Corrigan — turned in his first non-porn role, a performance that was good enough to convince everyone (including him) that he should keep at the legit acting thing. His current success proves he made the right choice.