As a writer you write. It’s about as simple as that. As a kid, most of that time was spent scratching out chapters from abortive novels, ideas that would come to rest in the mixing bowl at the back of my mind and wind up baked into the one area that I’d focus on from college forward: screenplays. Screenplays have been my focus for almost twenty years.

While I can’t say I’ve mastered the art, I’m of sufficient journeyman status to talk confidently and write meaningfully of this special form of story telling.  As time shifts — and as more of my screenplays finally get made — I find my interests returning to those prose pieces I set aside or incorporated into movie scripts. On these pages, you’ll find links to screenplays — sometimes the movies made from those screenplays — the non-fiction articles I did and the growing body of prose pieces I’ve started to let slip out into the harsh noon light of the critical reader eye.


Screenplays are one of the few artistic forms that aren’t complete when the writer finishes their work. The goal for a screenplay is not just to write it and write it well, but to actually get the damn thing made.

It’s never quite real until it appears in full-color glory on an HD screen somewhere.  And to appear on the screen requires several hundred thousand other steps be completed and completed well before that. Screenwriting is a strange beast indeed. Linked from here are some excerpts and summaries of my screenplays, fascinating to me and others in the biz. Those that haven’t been made into films are just potential stories, waiting for full expression,  angry, braying beasts, clawing at the edges of the mind, whispering “Let me out. Let me out” in increasingly shrill and nightmarish tones.

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I’ve written articles, short stories, teaching materials and a whole lot of blog posts. The second most public thing I’ve done has been the few articles I’ve pitched over the years, newsy-pieces that wound up in several popular magazines and on-line sites. I’ve taken those pieces and included them on the pages linked here. It’s amazing how all of those research papers I had to write to get through school came in handy later in life. School is actually good for something after all.

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While I’ve dabbled in private with prose stories, I haven’t focused much in that area, at least not in comparison to screenwriting. In retrospect, I’ve been surprised at just how much work goes into writing a screenplay. It’s not as forgiving a medium as you might expect. With a bit of time and perspective, I’ve found that there’s a growing itch in my soul to get the prose pieces I’ve dabbled with in shape enough to display and show. Many of those pending pieces contain stories, characters and ideas that worked their way into my screenplays. There’s no small irony there.