I’ve written articles, short stories, teaching materials and a whole lot of blog posts. The second most public thing I’ve done has been the few articles I’ve pitched over the years, newsy-pieces that wound up in several popular magazines and on-line sites.

I’ve taken those pieces and included them on the pages linked here. It’s amazing how all of those research papers I had to write to get through school came in handy later in life. School is actually good for something after all.

Ex-Gay Myths

Published Xodus Magazine, Summer 2004

Coming out is a struggle gay men sometimes take to extremes. In out lowest moments, the ex-gay movement is standing by, ready and willing to help you erase your past.   

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Love Doesn’t Hurt

Originally Published Xodus Magazine, Fall 2004 Gay men stumble across violence and abuse in our families, in our schools, in the work place, between friends and sadly, between lovers. Most of this violence and abuse is done to us, but sometimes it’s something we do to each other. Understanding the realities of abuse and violence gives us the knowledge we need change things for the better.

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Underage, but man enough to tell.

From Gaywebmonkey Magazine, Vol 4, No 4, August-September 2006.

For porn star Brent Corrigan, public appearances aren’t safe.In fact, the day before I sat down to chat with Brent over lunch, two men approached the handsome adult film star at a West Hollywood bar event and asked for a picture. While posing, oneof the men lifted up a copy of a new gay porn DVD featuring scenes from Brent’s last performance for a certain studio. Seems innocent enough, right? But Brent pushed the fan away, words were exchanged, security was called and the men ran off, picture captured. Why?   

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Axanar Misses the Mark As A Fan Film

From 1701News.Com May 2016

When it comes to “Axanar,” which was sued last December by CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures Corp. for copyright infringement, I’m endlessly amazed at just how crazy, and from this side of the black box, how poorly thought out it all seems.  [Read More]

It’s All For The Best, Really.

It’s all for the best, really. “How was the traffic?” I said while fumbling with the yellow legal pad and stack of papers under my arm. I didn’t make much eye contact with either of the Dumonts or their granddaughter, finding instead that vague point just behind their collective left ear to focus on and direct my questions to. Still, I had to look, just a little, just once. It was only fair. [Read More]