Screenplays are one of the few artistic forms that aren’t complete when the writer finishes their work. The goal for a screenplay is not just to write it and write it well, but to actually get the damn thing made. 

It’s never quite real until it appears in full-color glory on an HD screen somewhere.  And to appear on the screen requires several hundred thousand other steps be completed and completed well before that. Screenwriting is a strange beast indeed. Linked from here are some excerpts and summaries of my screenplays, fascinating to me and others in the biz.

Those that haven’t been made into films are just potential stories, waiting for full expression,  angry, braying beasts, clawing at the edges of the mind, whispering “Let me out. Let me out” in increasingly shrill and nightmarish tones.

What follows is a list of some of the screenplays I’ve written. Several of them have been made into features already. Others are in development or under option.

The Dark Place

Family is hell. It’s even worse when they’re trying to kill you. Keegan Dark returns to his ancestral home to find his mother remarried, his step-father scheming, and his step-brother murderous. When he’s framed for the attempted murder of his mother, Keegan races against time to outwit both his enemies and his friends in order to clear his already tarnished name.

Karl David Screenwriting Award, 2005

Produced: Set For Release 2014. Read more about it here.


Heat: It envelops the City. The ground radiates. Building tops blister. People bake. Doctor Katherine Kroft knows that things are only going to get worse. A freak confluence of events threatens to incinerate her beloved city and only her smarts and resolve can hope to put things right.

But a strange series of deaths opens Kate’s eyes to a far deeper — and older — problem, an ancient plague that threatens to destroy the entire world. With the temperature rising and resources dwindling, how can she hope to save the world?

Released 2009. From Regent Entertainment. Read more about it here.


Lost in the sands of the desert, an ancient evil awaits.  A crashed satellite leads a Special Forces team to a lost alien city — and an extraterrestrial monster set to unleash hell on Earth to win a cosmic war.

Hour 120

What do you have to live for? Returning home from a nameless foreign war, a Special Forces soldier discovers his fiance married to his best friend, shadowy figures prowling the landscape and five mysterious years missing from his memory.


Philip Marlow meets Queer as Folk as produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. In tracking down the missing scion of a wealthy family, a relentless detective encounters deadly obstacles and a riddle no one wants solved. As bodies mount and forces conspire, one lone P.I. is the only one who can put things right.

Project: Greenlight Finalist.

Tell Me

The most dangerous request? “Tell me a story…” Two friends share ever escalating tales of terror, masking all the while a horrible reality threatening to consume them both.

Karl David Screenwriting Award, 2005

(Not to be confused with the short film of the same name.)